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If you like the ease-of-use of MS-Excel 2013 and need the flexibility and the power of true databases, BioloMICS is the best possible choice to manage and analyze all your data and processes.

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 From a culture collection/scientific point of view the best database NCTC has ever had is the BioloMICS one and the best website NCTC is ever likely to have is that which you developed for us based on our BioloMICS and publicly available data. 

 BioloMICS is the largest and most complete software for the management, the analysis and the publication of any biological data. It's the Swiss Army Knife for biologists, ecologists, taxonomists and molecular biology researchers. All our databases and websites are now based on BioloMICS. A great tool, we couldn't work without it anymore. 

 More than a software, Biolomics is an expanding environment including a fast and versatile database and a full suite of statistical analyses. I have particularly appreciated the possibility of producing distance matrices by pairwise comparison avoiding the gap proliferation of some global alignments. The possibility to program scripts in VBNet and a staff behind you are difficult to estimate aids for everyday operations. 

 Since 2006, we have the privilege to use the BioloMICS software at the National Reference Center for Mycoses at the Institut Pasteur. One of our missions is the identification of yeasts and filamentous fungi responsible for invasive infections in humans and animals. By using the BioloMICS software we were able to create our own fungal database which stores all the clinical, biological and molecular data. This utmost tool permits us to perform routinely all kind of clustering (physiological, molecular), microplate reading and sequence management. Finally, the “BioAware support” provides immediate and efficient solutions for specific modifications or technical hitches. 

 I herewith reinforce the importance of the BioloMICS software package for the routine maintenance of microbial culture collections, as it allows for the complete documentation of all datasets connected with the microbial culture, including strain information, storage location, and associated morphological, molecular, genomics and biochemical data. It also allows for a close connection of the data with analysis programs ranging from phylogenetics to identification. In addition BioloMICS provides a strong tool for global database development of a large range of biological data associated with microbiological cultures, such as MLST or MLMT data, which then can be used worldwide. This tool is a very practical and applied tool, which in its kind does not exist otherwise. 

Barry Holmes Former Head of NCTC, London, UK