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  • BioloMICS Software Quick Overview.

    4:49 | August 04, 2017

    This video first illustrates a common day at work in the lab, including the tasks and frustrations that come with it.

    It then gives a quick overview of a few of the features of our BioloMICS software flagship. It helps users to create simple as well as complex database architectures in minutes without the intervention of software developers or database managers.

    BioloMICS is extremely versitale, dynamic and user-friendly with its Excel-like interface. Any data can be stored and preperly managed with BioloMICS.

    Data can also be analyzed, basic and advanced statistics, identifcations, classifcations and other clustering procedures are availabe at your finger tips.

    Finally, data can be published on the web using the BioloMICS.Net version.


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