Align two sequences

  • To align two sequences, under Molecular Tools, in the Pairwise alignment group, click Align two sequences.
  • Paste the first sequences in the textbox for First sequence.
  • Use the Clear sequence button to clear the sequence from unwanted characters.
  • Use the Reverse-complement button to reverse and complement the sequence.
  • Paste the second sequence in the textbox for Second sequence.
  • Click on the small arrow button on the right of the Align button to activate the right algorithm and sequence type for this alignment.
  • Algorithm options
  • BioloMICS Alignment Algorithm
  • BioliMICS - Smith Waterman Full expansion with SMith Waterman
  • Biolomics strict No expantion between identical blocs
  • Blast
  • Sequence type options: DNA sequence or Protein sequence.
  • Click the Align button to start the alignment and to see the results in the textbox at the bottom of the window.
Movie can also be found on YouTube, BioloMICS11 Pairwise sequence alignment.