Field related matters

In BioloMICS we have 28 different field types, all created with a specific reason. To see detailed information about all the field types, see Field types.
To open the Field settings, go to the backstage section, select Database and click Edit fields.
Fields can only be created by the administrators and super-administrators of the database.
  • The grid on the left side lists all the fields present in the selected table.
  • The Privileges on the right side shows the rights on the selected field in the left grid. See also Right at field level (point 3).
  • Add Add a new field to the table. More...
  • Delete Delete selected field from the table. More...
  • Refresh Refresh the list of fields.
  • More
  • Duplicate selected field To copy a given fields including its properties and rights.
  • Set equivalency between field of different tables To send records from one table to another, field equivalency needs to be set. More...
  • Set to default all null values Null values in selected field will be reset to the default value of the selected table.
  • Field definitions to clipboard Copy the list of fields to clipboard including: field id, field name, column name, field type and field comment.
  • Index all selected fields (E/T/V fields only) This will speed up the search but will also take storage place.
  • Unindex all selected fields Remove the index option for the selected field(s).
Movie can also be found on YouTube, BioloMICS 11 Add a new table.