Table related matters

  Full movie BioloMICS 11 Add a new table (see below).
To open the Table settings, go to the backstage section, select Database and click Edit tables of the current database.
Tables can only be created by the administrators and super-administrators of the database.
  • The grid on the left side lists all the tables present in the current database.
  • The Privileges on the right side shows the rights on the selected table in the left grid. See also Right at table level (point 3).
  • Add Add a new table to the database. More...
  • Delete Delete selected table from the database. More...
  • Edit fields Open the Field settings showing all fields in the selected table. More...
  • Refresh Refresh the list of tables.
  • More
  • Duplicate selected table To copy a given table including its fields. Field equivalency is set automatically. More...
  • Add preformatted tables Default sets of tables are available. The table and fields will be automatically created. More...
  • Limit record privileges on selected tables Remove all rights for all the groups for the selected table.
  • Reset privileges on selected tables Add full rights for all the groups for the selected table.
  • Hide BioloMICS structural tables Some tables are in BioloMICS by default, to see only the tables you created then check this option.
  • Tables list to clipboard Copy the list of tables to clipboard including: table id, table name, sql name, field number, remark and date of creation.
Movie can also be found on YouTube, BioloMICS 11 Add a new table.